Roblox Strongman Simulator Codes (October 2022) – Halloween Party

Not everyone has enough time to workout in busyness and daily routine. Fortunately, it’s easy to win a competition with Roblox Strongman Simulator and be the most powerful person on the server. But for those looking for an incentive or something to help defeat enemies, this list has a few codes that will take your game to a whole new level.

You have to move incredibly heavy objects on the yard, train as much as possible and expend your energy in the gym to be the most muscular Robloxian ever. In this unique Roblox game, you have to take care of your cute pet and leader board to enhance your competitive spirit

About Strongman Simulator

Roblox Strongman Simulator is a sports arena competition gameplay that similar with olympic championships in the real-world. In this game your character is made into a sports athlete. It’s like being in a fitness center, then all of your activities are workouts, or those related to the world of sports.

When you are playing Roblox Strongman Simulator, you will find many sports that you can follow according to your wishes. Be the strongest, and compete with your opponents and show to the other players that you are the champion of the world.

Strongman Simulator that You Must Know to Level Up

As I explained previously that on Roblox Strongman Simulator you will find many sports that you can follow according to your wishes. Then every competition will be related to level up that you have to achieve become a strongest in the gameplay.

Starting Area

The first area has a number of lightweight items that you need to pull, so follow these steps:

  1. Pull 3x Feathers to the finish line
  2. Do some squats with the smallest barbells
  3. Pull the Rubber Duck to the finish line
  4. Do some more squats
  5. Pull 2x Rubber Ducks
  6. Pull 3x Rubber Ducks
  7. Do another round of squats
  8. Pull 1x Toilet to the finish line

Note: Repeat steps 7 and 8 as many times as you need in order to reach 50 Strength and 3K Energy. Now you can enter the next area.


This next area requires you to gain 100 Strength, so follow these steps:

  1. Pull 1x Protein Shaker to the finish line
  2. Do squats until you reach Massive Noob level
  3. Pull 6x Protein Shaker
  4. Pull 6x Kettle Bell
  5. Pull 3x Medicine Ball
  6. Pull 6x Weight
  7. Pull 1x Protein Bar

Note: If you managed to do all this, you should have enough strength points to move to the next area.


In order to enter the next area, you need to remove the Fryer from the wall that blocks the entrance to the area. But for now the Fryer is a bit too heavy for you, so follow these steps to get stronger quickly:

  1. Pull 5x Soda to the finish line
  2. Pull 5x Sushi
  3. Do squats until you reach Weak Noodle level
  4. Pull 4x Fries
  5. Pull 3x Pie
  6. Pull 3x Turkey
  7. Do more squats until you reach Spicy Noodle level
  8. Pull 1x Fryer

Note: Now you can remove the Fryer from the wall and move on to the next area.

Arcade Room

Here you can buy your first pets that will help you move even bigger things. But first you need to do the following:

  1. Pull 3x Fussball to the finish line
  2. Pull 3x Air Hockey
  3. Buy Space Invaders at the shop
  4. Do squats until you reach Mega Noodle level
  5. Pull 1x Pool Table
  6. Do some more squats until your reach Strong Ripped level
  7. Pull 3x Basketball
  8. Pull 1x Arcade

Note: When you pull the Arcade away from the wall, it will open the entrance to the next area.

The Farm

This area will allow you to finally pull multiple types of items simultaneously. You will also make a huge leap in your level, so do the following:

  1. Pull 1x Carrot to the finish line
  2. Do squats until you reach Stronk level
  3. Pull 3x Carrot and 3x Tomato together
  4. Do more squats until you reach Massive Chonker level
  5. Pull 3x Carrot3x Tomato, and 3x Eggplant together
  6. Do more squats until you reach Gigantic level
  7. Pull 3x Carrot3x Tomato3x Eggplant3x Bale of Hay, and 2x Tractor together
  8. Pull 1x Drawbridge

Note: Once the Drawbridge is pulled down, you can follow the path to the next area.

The Castle

This is the final and the last area that has the heaviest items to pull. If you follow these steps, then you should be able to reach max level:

  1. Pull 3x Obelisk to the finish line
  2. Do squats until you reach Massive Gigantic level
  3. Pull 3x Knights Table
  4. Do more squats until you reach Thicc Legend level
  5. Pull 3x Swordsman
  6. Do more squats until you reach Mega Tank level

Note: That’s it, the Mega Tank is the max level. You can also use the Rebirth mechanic that will restart your whole game, after which you will gain levels much faster. The more rebirths you have the faster you can level up.

Conquer your enemies in each level with different types of sports on this gameplay. Be the fastest and strongest in every competition of Roblox Strongman Simulator so you deserve to be given the title of strongman, and not only in this gameplay, but you can use this simulation as an exercise in the real world.

Strongman Simulator Codes List in October 2022

This promo code list is up to date as of October 2022. Some of these codes need to be redeemed in different ways. Read on to find out how to redeem all of these Roblox codes. Here is a list of Roblox promo codes that you can use to get free items in Roblox:

Strongman Simulator Codes (Available)

Here’s a look at a list of all the currently available codes:

  • season1 – code reward – Boost (New)
  • 100M – code reward – Boost¡
  • Chad – code reward – Duck Pet
  • 10m – code reward – 10 Minutes Of x2 Workout
  • 25k – code reward – 10 Minutes Of x2 Workout
  • 10000 – code reward – 5 minutes x2 energy boost
  • 5000likes – code reward – 5 minutes x2 energy boost
  • 1500likes – code reward – 5 minutes x2 energy boost
  • 500likes – code reward – 5 minutes x2 energy boost
  • strongman – code reward – Rubber Ducky Rare Pet

Strongman Simulator Codes (Expired)

These Strongman Simulator codes no longer work.

  • No expired codes for now

This guide contains a list of all valid and expired Roblox promo codes! If you are looking for free accessories and items for your avatar, the code is easy to use which will immediately look stylish. The codes available in October 2022 have been added to this list!

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Promo Codes Redeem to Get Free Robux

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