Roblox Mesh ID List

In Roblox, a “mesh” refers to a 3D object that is created using external modeling software such as F3X, Autodesk Maya, Blender, etc. After being created, the object will be imported into the Roblox platform for use in games and experiences. Well, these objects can actually represent a wide range of characters, objects, structures, and many more.

Every mesh will have its own ID, a unique identifier that is assigned to a specific mesh asset. With the mesh ID, the developers will easily reference and use the mesh asset within their games and experiences. Since mesh IDs are very important for integrating custom meshes into Roblox games, we’ll show you a list of some mesh IDs you can use in your game.

Roblox Mesh ID List

Okay, let’s check the Roblox mesh ID list out below!

A List of Roblox Mesh IDs

You can find the Mesh ID for any item in your inventory. From the drop-down “Category” section, you can find “meshes” and click on it to see the mesh items. If there are items in the meshes category, you can click on them and see their IDs from their URLs.

If you do not have any items in the mesh category, you can try to search for new items using the “Library.” Here is a list of the mesh IDs that we’ve found:

Mesh ID Item   Mesh ID Item
2711196870 Builderman 1484150498 Dominus Infernus
1484150918 Dominus Messor 498438890 Full Roblox Body
2770710471 Bloxy 767715680 Golden Package
634718768 Stickmasterluke Bloxikin 1484148997 Dominus Aureus
15929962 Coffee 430345282 Iphone
169293184 Office chair 84003494 Fluffy Unicorn
114046169 Curtain 268594581 Unicorn
153994053 School table 84003494 Mini unicorn
24483647 Toy dragon 1136139 Book
12218321 Teddy bear 460103152 Curly Hair
96065544 Office chair 2 454910984 Tied Hair
447578099 Pillow 431040148 G36
449089347 Chair 5534837116 Trendy Blue Dripping Glasses
475000122 Sleeping doge 6686376004 Among Us
436561577 Lollipop Mesh 431036192 Dominus Excentricos
1872467951 Sonic Head 436632550 The Abomination
725203829 Bun Hair 578136481 Stair way
123115084 Camping light 442954906 Blanket
466864538 Tooth 490512659 Sink
121944778 Knife 430326793 Toilet
9419831 Duck 578203891 Bath
130900411 Witch hat 113221356 Piano
116679805 Gun 54809460 Light bottom
430052850 Chair 2 547809463 Light top
443035177 Pillow 2: 92598630 Garbage
513903230 T.V stand 591111961 Tree
432102826 T.V 1107996734 Scoobis
53973444 Custom face 6504250328 Cat Neko Girl Hair
570642963 Custom girl hair I 2885492241 Sparkle Time Valkyrie
468123372 Couch 14336764486 Golden Crown of the Starry Night

Okay, that’s a list of mesh IDs that you can use to create any objects in your game.

What Are the Mesh IDs For?

There is no doubt that mesh in Roblox plays an important role in adding detail and complexity to the virtual worlds that are created by game developers. Of course, meshes serve a variety of functions and purposes in Roblox, including:

  • Mesh ID can be used to reference the mesh asset that aims to simplify the process of incorporating meshes into games.
  • The mesh files are actually stored on Roblox servers, so the game developers shouldn’t worry about duplicating the large mesh files.
  • The existing mesh assets can be used to reduce the need for redundant uploads of the same mesh asset across multiple games.
  • Mesh IDs are frequently used in conjunction with the Roblox catalog, so players can easily find the mesh ID of an item in their inventory.
  • Mesh ID can be used to easily create and sell items in the Roblox catalog.
  • Mesh IDs can simplify every change applied automatically to all instances of the mesh across different games.
  • Mesh ID can ease the work of game developers when creating custom objects, characters, vehicles, architectural elements, and more.
  • Game developers will easily add intricate textures, details, and nuances to objects when using the mesh ID.

Okay, those are some benefits that you can get when you are using the Mesh ID to create and develop your own games, making them visually attractive and exciting.

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