Roblox East Brickton to Do List

Roblox East Brickton is an RPG simulation game created by Marcus 760 and is very popular among Roblox players from beginners to experts. The popularity of this game is because the setting of the game is very close to reality like real life.

You will play among the harshness of the metropolis of New York City, because the developer of this game was inspired by Buffalo. East Brickton at a glance is similar to GTA San Andreas, which gives each player the freedom to be any character they want.

What You Have to Do on East Brickton

Each game certainly has a mission or achievement that will be achieved by each player, as well as in this game. No exception an RPG game like East Brickton still requires a game achievement result.

Roblox East Brickton promises an extraordinary adventure for all players because there is no limit to what you can do there as long as you can do, including working and joining a community.

To Do List that You Have to Do

For the beginner players the most important thing is to know what they have to do while entering this game. Because if you know what you have to do then playing this game is very easy and will be fun.

Here I explain that Roblox East Brickton to do list that you have to do, and if you are a beginner I hope you follow these instructions carefully, because here you will get a lot of money to buy whatever is needed in this game.

Join with East Brickton Community Center

Community Center is a community between players, which will introduce you to various kinds of players on one game server. Look for the yellow Community Center building in the middle of the city before nightfall, and join the various community between players.

If you have established communication with others, then one day you will easily get help in every difficulty that you experience in this game. Just by calling someone you will get help right away.

Work as an Investigator at Police Department

Roblox East Brickton is a game that cannot be separated from criminal acts in it. Not infrequently robberies and murders often occur here. And it’s confirmed that the police department needs an investigator to investigate a particular case.

If the opportunity arises, don’t hesitate to join them via the notification displayed on your screen. In return you will get paid a certain amount of money which you can later use to buy whatever is needed in this game.

Practice Boxing at Boxing Club for Fighting

Being a fighter is not the main goal of this game, but you can do this to practice your punch skills if at any time there are other players who attack you. And you can fight it, when someone wants to rob you, because some players do choose to be robbers in the city of East Brickton.

Whatever achievements you do, of course, are not limited to just this list. You can develop this game using your own creativity, and are free to do anything here as long as you want it.

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