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East Brickton is a game that developed for Roblox! Of course, our only developer is marcus760. East Brickton is slated for release in Spring 2018. Since there is only one developer, the game may be delayed. The situation as such is not ready for release. The purpose of this website is to keep people informed of the development of East Brickton so they can stay updated and informed.

Current progress. Most of the information goes through @marcus760rbx Twitter account , but I’ll save the key development information here. This website will also serve as applications for things like police stations, administrative groups, etc. We aim to keep great walkthrough game community of Roblox East Brickton players.

East Brickton Forums Community Staff

Unlike many other City RP fakes, East Brickton takes management very seriously. The forum will never sell our administrative powers and we will never transfer them to arbitrary people. Ensure that the Roblox East Brickton players are honest and have sufficient responsibility to assume power in society.

This is a big project and one game cannot run it alone. The team member who is willing to take the time to ensure that every player in this game enjoys East Brickton. In other words, they need people who will maintain his reputation.

Staff Positions on East Brickton Forums Community

They have a lot of personnel positions that we need! When everyone contributes to the community, you can really create great games for all players required.

Game Administrators on East Brickton Forums Community

Game managers need the most engagement of all employee positions. Game administrators must keep an eye out for rule breakers and rule breakers. The game manager is of the utmost importance as they are the field staff who make sure the game runs correctly.

Website Administrators on East Brickton Forums Community

Website administrators also play an important role in the community! Website administrators monitor requests and comments about the ban on developer blogs to avoid spam. It’s a pretty casual role and doesn’t require as much action as a game manager or an app manager.

Application Administrators on East Brickton Forums Community

The Application Manager is the second most important. Make sure the admin app has been checked and processed. You can also view applications such as Brickton Police Department and Brickton License.

Roblox East Brickton Develop by Programmer Community

In terms of physics, I have done a lot of research into the physics of the new PSG Roblox system and what is missing. Remember when the old rag dolls from RRP2 threw their heads back into their torso when they died? The problem has been resolved. Remember when cars were very resilient in RRP2? This has been fixed too. The new East Brickton vehicle has suspension and can conquer any terrain, unlike current vehicles.

Minor changes have been made to the game, for example, when a bullet hits an object, it makes a sound depending on the material from which it fires. The lunar cycle was added to the game. It is a very gimmicky but beautiful and unique piece that gives East Brickton its realism. Finally, I added a few adjustments to the player’s weight. Heavy characters run slower, lighter characters run faster.

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