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We’ve covered everything you need to know about the Roblox Project Star, the game makes a lot of noise due to the high level of visualization, good animated booths, missions and dungeons. The gameplay looks a little different from the standard grandfest, where many anime games are shot.

The game is not an RPG where you defeat powerful enemies and collect items like Project Stars. If you want to know more about this game, read this article seriously and stay tuned as we speak, we are working on additional content for this game until the end as Project Star Roblox Stands Wiki.

About Roblox Project Star

Roblox Project Star is a new anime role-playing game inspired by the popular manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The map is very large and there is very little space for learning, so you need to know how to navigate the game. You also need to know the ways around you to get your work done quickly and get back to where you needed to be.

Roblox Project Star has a lot of details on how to get a booth, so read this guide. I think one day things will be free, and we’ll put them as Project Star Roblox Stands Wiki. If you have a Robux, we recommend choosing Moto Game Pass. This allows you to ride a motorcycle, which significantly reduces travel time.

Project Star Controls List

You will see that many Roblox anime games do not always give the best education. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Project Star. You may be particularly interested in how you can get into the game while running and doing a variety of other things.

  • WASD – Movement Keys
  • Double Tap W, A, S, or D – Dash in that direction
  • Number Keys – Selects an item in that inventory slot if one is available
  • C, Z, G, T, E, R – Abilities of your Stand, depending on what you have unlocked
  • F – Block
  • M1 (Left-Click) – Basic Attack
  • Spacebar – Jump
  • Shift – Shift Lock (Lock your camera)
  • Ctrl – Toggle Run (To walk again, you need to stand still)
  • Alt – Pick up an item
  • Q – Summon your stand if you have one equipped
  • ~ (Button below Escape) – Open inventory
  • M – Open and close menu options
  • O – Zoom Camera Out
  • I – Zoom Camera In

Note: The M key is good to know because it gives you access to all of the menu options:

  • Profile – Gives you details about level, skill points, and Stand. This is how you find out the attributes and skin of your Stand.
  • Suitcase – Pretty much just your inventory.
  • Skill Tree – Gives you access to the Stand, Combat, and Character trees which you can add points in to get new moves.
  • Gang – Allows you to form a gang and invite other players.
  • Shop – Robux gamepass area where you can purchase various different things such as the motorcycle, extra stand slots, and more.
  • Settings – Allows you to change certain aspects of the game, and also an area to enter in codes.

You should be familiar with many more controls in Project Star, so we will cover them in this guide. Controls are the most important key when you starting play Project Star such as sprint. No more keys and no need to keep them that pressing again will not stop to work in this game.

Project Star All Items List

We have reviewed all the available items that you can find in Project Star. We’re still trying to figure out what everyone is doing, but should give a good idea of what items can be found in the game.


  • Stand Arrow (25% Chance, 1% Rarity Multiplier) – Most common way to get a Stand
  • Unusual Stand Arrow (10% Chance, 1.5x Rarity Multiplier) – Slightly better Stand Arrow
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow (5% Chance, 2x Rarity Multiplier) – Best ground spawning Stand Arrow
  • Cursed Stand Arrow (100x Rarity Multiplier) – Best Stand Arrow (Only obtainable at the D’arby Wheel of Fortune)
  • Rokakaka (25% Chance) – Removes the current stand you have equipped
  • Mysterious Rokakaka – Resets your stats (Can only be obtained with Robux or at the D’arby Wheel of Fortune)

Race Items

There are four races in the game right now: Human (starter race), Vampire, Wamuu, and Kars. These items are used to transform into the more advanced races.

  • Stone Mask (2% Rarity) – Transforms you into a Vampire
  • Wamuu’s Horn – Transforms you from a Vampire into Wamuu. You must be level 60+ to use this and you have to be a Vampire!
  • Red Stone of Aja – Will enhance Hamon techniques (?) or will transform you from a Vampire into Kars. You must be level 60+ to use this and you have to be a Vampire!
  • Umbrella – Allows you to walk around in the sun if you’re a Vampire without taking damage


As far as we are aware, you can get these items by killing bosses and spinning the Wheel of Fortune with Terence T. D’arby. He can be found at Dio’s Mansion, just ahead of the Vanilla Ice boss room.

  • Boxing Gloves – Increases the damage of physical combat style by 15%
  • Caesar’s Headband – Increases the damage of Hamon attacks by 10%
  • Goggles – Gives the wearer +5 Health
  • Jotaro’s Hat – Gives the wearer +15 Health (Can be purchased as a Gamepass)
  • Old Man’s Hat – Gives the wearer +10 Health
  • Speedwagon’s Bowler – Gives the wearer +10 Health
  • Tarkus’s Helmet – Gives the wearer +20 Health
  • Wamuu’s Headdress – Increases the damage of Vampire and Kars attacks by 10%
  • Zeppeli’s Hat – Increases the damage of Hamon attacks by 5% and gives the wearer +5 Health
  • Hamon Respirator Mask – Increases the damage of Hamon attacks by 5%
  • Meteor Fragment – Unknown what this does, but it is found when a meteorite crashes down on the map
  • Dio’s Headband – Gives the wearer +15 Health (Can be purchased as a Gamepass)


  • Banana – Used to complete the daily monkey quest at the Oasis
  • Spirit Camera – A single-use item that will show you all of the player locations on the map temporarily
  • Walkman – Listen to the Project Star Radio

Take Part Your Gameplay on Roblox Project Star

To take part in Project Star, just use the bench reading, but the biggest difference of this game is that there are different types of shooting. You can find three species on earth. Standing arrows, gorgeous standing arrows, bright standing arrows. The more rare the arrow, the greater the chance of achieving a unique position!

The pulpit also has a cursed reading, but it can only be found in the “Military Objects Leaf” of the Lord’s Villa. This gives you an extremely high chance of winning the best position, but it is very difficult to find because it is completely random on the wheel of fortune. To use it you need to pay 5000 cash or 50 Robox, and hope you enjoyed!

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