Ice Staff Code and Upgrade Guide & COD: Black Ops 3

How do we upgrade the Ice Staff? If this question comes to your mind, it means that you need a help for doing that. You want to know how to upgrade it, you are able to read the explanation below according to the Accelerated Ideas.

Getting the Ice Staff

To be able to get the staff, you have to get 3 parts, 1 coloured disc, 1 black disc and the gramophone. How to get them? You can follow the tutorials below.

  • Finding Disc

You are able to find the blue disc inside the building beside Generator 2. It can be on the front table, weapon box shelf or shelf beside the rear door.

  • Finding the Ice Staff Parts

Even though there is no exact location for the Ice Staff parts, but they have requirements for finding them where you need to wait until it is snowing. After that, you need to dig the rubble piles on the floor. You may need to open every section of the map and exhaust every dig site.

  • Finding Black Disc

The Black Disc can be found in one of three locations namely:

    1. On a box, lower section of the walkway that leads up the excavation site (Generator 2 side).
    2. On a box, across of excavation site, near the entrance that leads to church.
    3. Top of the excavation site, in a wheelbarrow next to PaP.
  • Gramophone

You can find a Gramophone in the central excavation site where it is one level downstairs on the floor. Gramophone needs to be positioned on the table for opening the secret sub level with the Staff statues. It is better if you always open the bottom area of the excavation site and then get the gramophone.

If you have collected all of the items above, then go to the Generator 6 where it is located at the back of the church. Then, you must go down the tunnel and put the gramophone on the table. Wait for the blue portal to build. And now, you need to go to the crazy place and get the crystal from the blue pedestal. After that, leave the crazy place and it can be done by rebuilding the blue portal.

Now, you have to return to the central excavation site. You need to go to the bottom level and build the staff by using the statue.

It’s Time for Upgrading

And here is the guide for upgrading the Ice Staff.

  • After equipping the Ice Staff, you need to go to the crazy place through the blue portal. Look upwards and pay attention to the slabs that contain blue symbols on them and pay attention to the blue symbol on the wall. The thing that you have to do is to solve the puzzle by using the Ice Staff. You have to shoot the correct slab on the ceiling that is suitable with the symbol on the wall. You need to do it several times. Here are the puzzle codes:
    Ice Staff Code and Upgrade Guide & COD Black Ops 3
  • Now, you have to leave the crazy place and return to the outside world. You have to shoot 3 x gravestones with the Ice Staff and after that you need to shoot with a regular weapon.
  • You need to go to the lower level of the excavation site and pay attention to the rings that are floating above. For your information, every ring has four colors germs on the sides. The thing that you need to do is to rotate every ring. So, all the blue gems line up. You can do that by pulling the levers where those can be found in the lower level of the excavation site, on wooden scaffolding platforms, etc. The appearance of them is like power switches. If all the rings are lined up, you have to shoot the blue orb at the bottom of the rings by using the Ice Staff so that it will be sent upwards and through the rings.
  • And now, by using the BLUE portal, go back to the crazy place. Put the Ice Staff in the pedestal where you originally took the gem. And then, you need to kill 20-30 zombies in the surroundings where it is done to charge the staff.

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