How to Quit a Job in East Brickton

Living in East Brickton without a job is not easy. If you want to make money and be rich, you need a place to start. But getting a paid job is not easy in this game. Finding a job and making money can make life a lot easier in Roblox East Brickton. However the game does not say in advance how you will do it and you decide.

East Brickton is the next Roblox game that invites your players into a real city of the 21st century where the fate of your character depends on you. You can obey the law and even be a criminal. Everything depends on you.

About Job on East Brickton

Roblox – a free platform for players and developers. Firstly, it can replicate various products created by the community and secondly, it can create new experiences using the built-in Roblox engine and share them on the platform.

Meanwhile East Brickton is a game branch of the Roblox Platform, which requires each player to survive by getting a job to earn money. Each player has a variety of opportunities in choosing a job in this game.

There are many possibilities that can happen in this game, such as a player who at first does not want to commit a crime, then after that he will do it because he is tempted by the money that he makes.

If The Job Doesn’t Suitable for You

In fact, a lot of beginners need work to earn money in Roblox East Brickton gameplay, but they sometimes don’t understand how to get it, so this discussion is very much asked on East Brickton forums such as Discord or Trello. There in a previous article I discussed this issue under the title “How to Get a Job in East Brickton” and “Where is the Job Center in East Brickton“.

Although this issue is most discussed by beginners, but sometimes when they get a job, and it turns out that the job they get is not always what they want, and decide to quit the job. Then another problem will arise that they don’t know how to quit the job, because this has never been discussed in any forum and there are no rules to regulating someone for resign by their job previously.

Quit Immediately from The Current Job

I recommend to you please quit immediately if you don’t like the current job so that your time is not wasted, and there is no special way to do. You just need to leave and it will happen automatically when you quit by not going to your workplace job anymore.

For example when you work at the Pawn Shop during shift hours at 10:00 am and you miss it, then automatically the job will be lost and your status has been declared as quitting the job, very easy isn’t it?. This method applies to all types of the jobs that available at East Brickton Key Resource Building but doesn’t apply to the freelance work like Salty Saloon or the other jobs that are not listed in Key Resource.

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