How to Punch & Fight in East Brickton

Roblox East Brickton is a game that has the potential to cause conflict because one player character with another is certainly very different. This difference is the background of conflict in every corner of East Brickton. Supported by competition for money, every conflict is unavoidable.

For beginners, this is not easy, because sometimes when the game just starts, there are already physical attacks from other players, sometimes even causing death. if this happens usually beginners will be confused to continue the game, because they think that the game is over or lose before fighting.

Attack to Fight with other players on East Brickton

When Roblocks East Brickton is new launch, a player who plays many roles can get embarrassed at the mechanics of shooting. At a glance towards the city, the other players will fight hand in hand, but you may feel a lack of mechanics. Because even for a few hours.

But actually fighting is not important on East Brickton. The main mission of this game is just how to survive in a metropolis like New York City. But it often happens that other players suddenly attack you, and whatever it is is a form of criminal assault that you must defend or fight.

Using Commands and Controls to Punch or Fight

New East Brickton players will not take a percussion process until just 3 hours into the game. The perforated mechanism is locked behind this invisible timer under the direction of developer Marcus 760. This has been done so that new players do not waste RP experience by participating in unnecessary battles.

After 3 hours, the piercing will unlock and you will receive the following controls:

Left PunchMouse Left Click
Right PunchMouse Right Click
Dodge LeftQ
Dodge RightE

East Brickton players can punch like a normal boxing match during a fight. Your stinging and running can annoy players and give you the advantage of hand-to-hand combat. Experience is required, but the concept of mechanics will save you in exciting combat situations.

Marcus 76 as the developer has taken steps to fight Since Roblox East Brickton is an RP game, for no reason so as not to ruin the experience of random players. Therefore, new players will not be able to use hit mechanics for the first 3 hours, even if it is a well-planned RP. If you have hours and hours, then everyone has the opportunity to think seriously about creating a good holiday.

Punch to Fight is not Against The Rules of East Brickton

Each player certainly has a different character in the world of Roblox East Brickton, whether you will be a good person or a bad person it all depends on your desire to shape the character of the game at the beginning.

But when in a desperate position you have no other choice but to fight and survive to fight on the streets of East Brickton. The movement of hitting against the opponent has been explained according to the movement of the keyboard and mouse that you use. It is necessary to adapt the control to the character’s hand movements.

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