How to Make Money in East Brickton (Realistic Roleplay 3) Fastest Ways “Best Roblox Tutorial”

East Brickton is a branch of the Roblox game that requires effort and skill from the players. In this game you are free to determine your own unique character, and you can also determine what your own destiny will be like in the future.

East Brickton East Brickton is a daily life simulation game like you live in a metropolis with a level of competition and life is so complex. In this city you have to be skilled and proficient to survive like in real life.

In every life of East Brickton players can compete and find whatever they need including money. Because when you start this game you will not be given anything to survive. Even money you have to find it yourself by working or whatever you try.

Achievement About Money and Victory

For novice players in Roblox East Brickton nothing special. All new players will only form their own character, with a cash value of $. 0, which of course will be frustrating to survive or level up achievement in this game.

But actually it’s not difficult if you want to make a little effort to get money in East Brickton, because money resources will be easy to find at every point in this city, that you just need to choose how you be will a winner this game.

I will cover some important points to help you get a job and money in Roblox East Bricktown, but considering many of you may be new to this game, I will explain step by step. There are following some resources of money that you can get, and choose according to what you like, but with some risks that you have to work on yourself.

The only way to make legal money in East Brickton is find a job. As shown in the picture above, you can find simple vacancies by visiting the main resource office in the city center. When you go to the table, you will be given a list of vacancies. Here are some examples that you can choice:

  • Fast Food
  • Boxer
  • DJ
  • Security
  • Clerk

Listed vacancies are shown with summary and salary. Choose what you want and get started. If you can’t find the job you’re looking for in the office, or if all the offices are full, you need to go around town and talk to the store owner about whether you can find a job that way.

Make Money by Robbery is Ilegal Way

Robbery unless you play a bad role. You can snatch other players once a day (not in the game). The maximum amount you can get from a robbery is 300, so you can look for other options. See the Roblox East Brickton General Wiki article for more information on nutrition.

Make Money by Robux That Many Players Want to Choose

It’s not an option that many players will choose, but it can serve as a last resort. You can use Robux to earn game coins in most games. East Brickton does not give players this option. The game is still under development, so we will add this feature in the future. If this is an option, buy Robux from the main Roblox website and then select a game option to use Robux to get coins.

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