How to Get a Gun Permit in East Brickton Firearms Shop

Roblox East Brickton is a fairly hard RPG game, if in other sessions you can play Roblox games at a relaxed level, then in this game it takes a little effort and competition to survive in a city called Buffalo resembling New York City.

The game is full of fights and even kill each other using weapons. For a beginner players, of course this is a little difficult, considering that you are not given any weapons when the game running start. But doesn’t mean you have to lose and always become a victim of crimes that committed by the other players.

Types of Weapons are Used on East Brickton

Just like an RPG games that contain of violence elements, East Brickton players are allowed to use weapons for attack or defend against by threats from the other players. The types of weapons used are very diverse, from baseball bats, knives, and gun the most popular widely used.

The beginners are not easy to get these weapons, some have to be bought with money or robbed from other players, which of course is not easy considering the competition with other players is very diverse.

How to Get a Gun Permit in East Brickton

If you want to have a gun in this game, special permission is required to use it, and the only one who issues that license is Firearms Shop that sells complete weapons including guns.

After you have secured a firearm license, speak to Tyson Birkley and choose the Can I see your selection please? option, which will bring up a list of firearms to choose from. Gun prices range from 3,000 to 15,000 Brickton Bux depending on your purchasing decision.

Tyson Birkley only sells handguns at the Gun Shop. All of the different handguns are:

WeaponPrice (in Brickton Bux)
Hi-Point .380$3,000
Taurus .380 Special$6,000
Smith & Wesson 9mm$8,400
Ruger 9mm$9,000
Springfield XDS .45 ACP$10,000
Block 17 $15,000

If you’re in need of some money, you can head over to Key Resource Employment, aka the Job Center. There is a bulletin board full of jobs to perform, and the more jobs completed, the more Brickton Bux you earn. Alternatively, Brickton Bux is available to purchase with Robux if you want a gun sooner than later.

Having Gun is a Requirement on East Brickton

Although the rules don’t say whether an East Brickton player must have a gun, but I conclude that weapons, especially the gun are indispensable when you playing East Brickton, in order to survive from enemy attacks.

Each player chooses how to live in Roblox East Brickton. Some players choose the peaceful path to live an honest and hardworking life. Others want to run the city. If you are in a war situation or want to defend yourself, you will need a separate certificate of weapon in addition the gun.

And don’t forget to recognize the maps in this game to help you play quickly and safely, because there are several areas in East Brickton that are full of criminals to avoid conflict, especially for those of you beginners who don’t have a gun.

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