How Much Headless Roblox & How to Get It Easily

Headless Head is a given name by Roblox head user that was published on October 31, 2013 at avatar shop. It is part of the Headless Horseman that inspired by the character from European people, who are said have riding a horse while missing his head, and and they call it “Headless Horseman”.

Until August 16, 2021, Headless Horseman has been favorited 281,354 times. Players can use Headless Horseman as part of Halloween party that named “Headless Head” on Roblox gameplay. The packages appear after sales in October each year, unfortunately, headless heads are not always available at avatar shop.

About Headless Horseman

If you want to get Headless Horseman, you have to buy a set of Headless Horseman from the Roblox avatar shop. Headless Horseman bundles are usually sold for 31,000 Robux currency, and you can purchase Headless Horseman package from this link. But if you have Roblox premium, you can get the item from someone for free by a trade.

Headless Horseman package have a specifications size at 3.43×10-7 cubic studs or 343 cubic millistuds, followed by the unavailable Peabrain was formerly the smallest cosmetic head in Roblox avatar shop that eventually went off-sale on January 16, 2017, and has been favorited 440,400 times until June 28, 2021.

Headless Horseman Package

Since the Headless Horseman is an extremely rare and costly item in Roblox, players might find it difficult to meet someone who wants to sell your favorite cosmetic items. And here’s a list of all the items included in the Headless Horseman package that you can get it:

Roblox Headless Items

  • Headless Head
  • Headless Horseman’s arms
  • Headless Horseman’s Head (Glowing jack-o-lantern)
  • Headless Horseman’s legs
  • Headless Horseman’s Torso

Release History

LocationAvailable fromAvailable until
Bundle itemOctober 31, 2013November 3, 2013

Sale History

LocationAvailable fromAvailable until
Bundle itemOctober 10, 2014October 30, 2014
Bundle itemOctober 1, 2015November 3, 2015
Bundle itemOctober 1, 2016October 31, 2016
Bundle itemOctober 2, 2017October 31, 2017
Bundle itemOctober 4, 2018November 6, 2018
Bundle itemOctober 13, 2019November 4, 2019
Bundle itemOctober 1, 2020November 4, 2020

To get the Headless Head item, you have to purchase the Headless Horseman package, full with arms, legs, and torso, that have his signature 18th-century fashion. There is also an actual “head” that comes with the bundle, but it is a jack-o-lantern that he holds.

Getting Your Headless Horseman Package Easily

From what I know, you can get Headless Horseman easily every Halloween season. That’s where people get their headless for free, and will be repeated every year in the same month. Roblox makes every Halloween celebration a moment to give special rewards for every loyal player.

So If you really want to get Headless Horseman Package Easily for free without buying it, then you have to wait until Halloween season arrives in this year, and you will soon see it on your Roblox account dashboard that Headless Horseman free package can be owned as free, and hope you enjoyed!.

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