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Currently there is a very popular Roblox game called East Brickton (Realistic Roleplay 3), in other words the number of players online is very crowded. Today it’s almost 2.5k players, 3.7M total visits and has 71% ratings.

@marcus760 has good smart idea to make this game on roblox in Jun 13, 2018 ago.. and now he seems get success make all people happy.

@marcus760 creator of roblox east brickton

East Brickton is a virtual city in New York in the 21st century. You can choose your life the way you like, starting from designing / creating your own character and then choosing the profession as you want, whether as a detective, a police officer or as a criminal who wreaks havoc in the criminal world.

Until now on Aug 14, 2021 there are 51,131 players added East Brickton to their favorite roblox game from over 3,609,683 visitors. WOW it’s amazing dude!! I think you worth become a follower also.

Does Roblox East Brickton have Active Badges?

Yes, @marcus760 has some for you to look at like the following list:

Roblox East Brickton Active Badges

How to Play the Game

You can visit

Roblox East Brickton Available Items

You should buy a gamepass named “Extra Safe Storage” which you will need in the gameplay, let’s see the screenshot below:

Extra Safe Storage East Brickton Roblox

Extra Safe Storage East Brickton by @marcus760

Other new items might be available later in the shop when developer @marcus760 has made it.

Please note that this game requires a keyboard and mouse, so it is not suitable for playing on mobile devices. If you insist, you need OTG cable adapter to enjoy it.

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