Full Roblox East Brickton Commands & Controls

Communication is the key on Roblox East Brickton. Without proper communication, players may accidentally confront other players and even face combat situations. Worst, inappropriate communication can immediately block a player from East Brickton. To avoid this situation, it is best to learn and master all the East Brickton commands listed below.

The difficulty experienced by novice players is the problem of controlling the game, and this also always happens when beginners play Roblox East Brickton

The required role terms, definitions and rules for Roblox East Brickton are listed below. For a more detailed analysis of the rules of the game, players can join the Roblox East Brickton Discord server.

Game Overview

Before we discuss further about commands and controls on this game, let’s make a little review about what this game looks like.

Roblox East Brickton is a roleplay simulator in which players create and customize their own character and control their own destiny. The setting of East Brickton is inspired by Buffalo, a city located in upstate New York. After the player has created their character, the player must act according to the character’s role at all times during play.

Roblox East Brickton Default Commands

There are standard controls and no special controls in almost all Roblox games, but if you need help on East Brickton sure you can use the list commands below.

W A S Dmove up, left, down, and right respectively
Shifthold shift
1 2 3equip or unequip items
Backspacedrop item
Left Mouse Clickto use Item
`open or close backpack
Mouse Scroll Wheelzoom in and out
/opens chat

Roblox East Brickton Commands by Phone

To enter telephone commands, the player must arm the phone in his hand. This is done by pressing 1 on the keyboard (for new players) or by clicking on the phone option at the bottom of the screen. When the player is holding the phone, these commands must be entered into the chat window.

/contactlistopen contact list
/call [contact]call contact
/sms [contact]text contact
/givecontact [name]give number to contact
/call [911]call emergency services

Roblox East Brickton Commands by Emote

To enter commands into Roblox East Brickton, copy and paste the commands below into the chat window. The chat window, like all Roblox games, is located in the upper left corner of the screen. To disable a command, entering another command will return the player’s avatar to its normal pose.

/e hipsplace hands on hips
/e crossarmscross your arms
/e sitsit on floor
/e woodance
/e surrendersurrender on the floor
/e handsplace your hands up
/e shootjump on one foot with one hand in the air
/e turnupget hype
/e moneybopdance low to the floor
/e gs1gang sign 1
/e gs2gang sign 2
/e gs3gang sign 3
/e gs4gang sign 4
/e hs1formal hand shake
/e hs2casual hand shake

In reality East Brickton is not something that is difficult to play and control, but adaptation is needed especially for beginners, you just need an adjustment when you get used to it then everything will run smoothly has played on East Brickton.

We hope this guide and guide helped you. If you know or have found the other commands or keyboard shortcuts, please share them in the comments. This will allow you to expand and update this guide. Enjoy your Roblox East Brickton.

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