Full Bio of marcus760 twitter, Age, Discord and his YouTube Channel

East Brickton, created by Marcus760 on June 13, 2018. East Brickton has both urban and rural types. According to the survey, the game was viewed more than 3.5 million times. In the description of the game you can read that the game does not work on mobile devices.

Mouse and keyboard are required for this games, because You will control the fate of your avatar and you can be anyone. And the city is in the modern twenty-first century. All you can do is create and personalize your avatar according to your taste. You can live your life as the best detective or the most famous criminal in town or choose the fate of your avatar.

About @marcus760 The Creator of Roblox East Brickton

If you are intentionally looking for information about Marcus 760 then you will be in vain, because there’s not much information you can get about this guys. On Roblox profile page he just wrote “Roblox scripter, builder, and solo developer since 2014, and loyal player since 2008”.

To satisfy my curiosity so far, I’m trying to find more information in other accounts he has. And turns out he has 3 other accounts, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch, but just the same no information about who is he even on this account.

On Twitter account @marcus760rbx has been suspended that is nothing up there.

It’s different with the description of the YouTube channel there is only writing “Just cuz I play roblox don’t mean I won’t beat the fuck out you and just because I’m a gamer also don’t mean I’m not out here breaking down grams”.

And on Twitch he said “Just a young boy from Upstate New York who likes to make and play games.”

About East Brickton Gameplay

Of course, in this game you will find an icon labeled ” Early Access”. You can get this symbol if you buy this introductory game. When the final product is released, you will receive a reward for your avatar. Keep in mind that this is only recommended for adventurers or veterans with multiple weapons.

You can also buy a playing card in this game. Note that the game card that will be available in this game is an extra reliable storage space. Price 250 Robux. According to the survey, the latest update to Game Pass’s additional security repository was made on March 13, 2020.

How was this game? In the description of this playing card, you can read that Safety is designed to store important items that players may encounter in the game. Deposit players can use it to protect their trading assets. This game transition will increase the number of items you keep safe, don’t forget!

The Conclusion about @marcus760 biography

Whoever @marcus760 I don’t care and doesn’t matter for me, I just love the games that he has made so far. Because for me East Brickton is a very interesting and challenging gameplay ever. I play this game with certain strategies.

You can also feel it in every adventure and the storyline is very competitive and requires skill to play it. Just a suggestion for you please stop looking for information about who is the creator this game because it’s useless. Keep on focus when playing this game because it will give more pleasure for you all.

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