East Brickton Police Officer Full Guide – Read First! If You Wanna Be a Cop

According to the East Brickton Police Department on Trelo Forums, the East Brickton Police Academy has 4 steps. You can take an exam to find out what you know about the police officer. Not all teachers at the police academy are fully trained and do not accept students easily.

They are looking for experts and ready to serve the city of East Brickton and its citizens. If you are a police officer, you should contact your captain to answer your question. If they do not know or are not sure, they should report to their supervisors or at the next level of the party hierarchy. If you have a simple question, make sure you don’t just ask the police chief.

About The Police Officer on East Brickton

To join East Brickton Police Department, you must be on the East Brickton Police Officer firstly as explained on East Brickton Media YouTube channel that video entitled “How To Join The East Brickton Police Department”, and You can register on the Discord forum.

After joining Discord please pay attention to the announcements. The next lesson in the academy will be given by a high ranking official. You must pass the test according to the information provided in the East Brickton Basic Rules and the East Brickton Police Instruction.

The Steps to be a Police Officer on East Brickton

The Academy Inspector is a captain appointed by the East Brickton Police Department. He will appoint a head teacher at the Police Academy. If you want to challenge the East Brickton Police Officer, we suggest you check out the East Brickton Police Department Handbook, as it will be very helpful. The East Brickton Police Department will be the head of the First Class Supreme Command.

Step 1

In the first step of the academy there is a teacher who teaches the students the basics of police work such as reasonable suspicion and radio code. Cadets should write down what the instructor tells them. Otherwise, you will not be able to pass the second step exam.

Step 2

In the second step, students will test what they have learned in the last stage. They should keep in mind the information received from the trainer. If you don’t remember, you can’t enter East Brickton Police Academy. Teachers at the East Brickton Police Department will receive additional training to fully prepare.

Step 3

The teacher will teach the students to use firearms and an officer to use force when taking firearms. The instructor will also teach you how to break down the house properly.

Step 4

The last step will be training that students graduated from East Brickton Police Academy and are ready to become police officers.

Chain of Command from Highest Rank to The Lowest Rank

On East Brickton Police Department there is a chain of command which is a hierarchy of leadership for each part of a police officer, sorted from highest rank or first rank to lowest rank, and this is it:

  1. Commissioner
  2. Chief of Police
  3. Deputy Chief of Police
  4. Captain
  5. Lieutenant
  6. Sergeant
  7. Officer

In this chain command, police officer are the lowest rank in the squad. You just graduated from the academy, and the rules are different from regular cops, and I hope this tutorial will help you to provide information about East Brickton Police Officer Full Guide, enjoyed it!

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