East Brickton Hospital Location and Inside Tour

As a game street fighting and violence genre, East Brickton featuring something different from the other of Roblox games. Very complicated and complex storyline, make this game full of variations of certain resources just like in real life, like many buildings with various kinds of specific functions to be used according to their function.

There is something unusual here, namely the existence of a hospital building called Mercy Hospital. The function of this building as a medical facility that provided if the players is injured or needs medical assistance on East Brickton gameplay.

About Mercy Hospital Building

The existences of the Mercy Hospital Building certainly very important place for East Brickton gameplay. There are several medical services that every player has been injured automatically will receive treatment here.

When you getting started you will be here even for a beginner start from here too. Also when a player crash by attacking and the game starts from here again. This reminds us to another types of RPGs such as GTA-V whose storyline is very similar with Roblox East Brickton.

Mercy Hospital Building Location

Mercy Hospital Location

For the firstly when you getting started, go ahead to Kent Ave Street and then you must turn to the right into Wallace Street between Venu Building and Courthouse Building. But if you on different position same like Busti Ave Street you must be direction into Genesee Street between Police Department and News Station.

As I explained above there are sometimes the game starts automatically in front of the Mercy Hospital Building’s yard. As a note that is happens randomly, which means that not all the players, even a beginner, start from here, the majority of them start from Kent Ave Street, so you just have to follow the explanation I explained earlier.

Mercy Hospital Inside Tour

1. Lobby Interior

When you enter the Mercy Hospital Building, you will find a lobby complete with sofas and a big screen television.

2. Board Schedule

To the left of the entrance there is a schedule board that will inform you about the availability of medical personnel to serve you.

3. Notice Board

On the left side of schedule board you will see a notice board that provides information on how to use the services at the Mercy Hospital Building.

4. Counter Clerk

You’ill meet an officer named Ricardo Sanchez. Go to him and ask for his help if you need anything.

5. Left Corridor

There is a corridor to the right of the Counter Clerk with one door facing to the front which I don’t know what its function is.

6. Right Corridor

Same as Left Corridor I don’t know what its function is.

7. Painting Gallery

Various kinds of embellished paintings are seen around the walls which may just be decoration.

8. The Toilets

Like a health facility, there are also two toilet cubicles that can be used by male and female.

9. Brochure Box

You can get health care information from a brochure that is here and you are free to take it.

Conclution of Mercy Hospital Inside Tour

That’s a little explanation from me as an illustration, especially for those of you beginners who want to know about Mercy Hospital Building. Another advantage of this facility is that you can use the service without limit for 24 hours and you don’t need any fees like money or Robux when using the facilities at Mercy Hospital.

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