All East Brickton Emotes

Communication is the key on Roblox East Brickton. Without proper communication, players may accidentally confront other players and even face combat situations. Bad, inadequate communication can immediately block a player from East Brickton. To avoid this situation, it’s best to learn and familiarize all the East Brickton commands listed that applicable and frequently used.

A developed game for East Brickton by Roblox! Clearly, our only developer is the Marcus 760. The East Brixton presentation is scheduled for the spring of 2018. The game may be delayed because it is a developer. The situation is not ready for release in this form.

The Main Point on East Brickton is Communication

The purpose of this website is to inform people about the development of East Brixton.
Current progress. Most of the information comes from Twitter @marcus760rbx, but I will keep important development information here.

This site is suitable for police department, administrative group etc. It will serve as a reference to such things an excellent game for the RPG community and Roblox users. Now there are even more ways to express yourself on Roblox East Brickton with all-new emotes!

How to Using Emotes on East Brickton

So how do you showcase your new animation in the game? Thank you for your inquiry! There are now two ways. This can be done using text commands in the in-game chat or using the new handy emotes menu by your keyboard chat.

You can use up to 8 of your favorite emotess in the avatar editor, making it easy to activate them while playing. It’s assigned to a new in-game emote menu that you can quickly summon from the top bar or radial menu if you’re playing a game.

Emotes That You Can Use on East Brickton

With this you can use all the in-game emotes using the command “/e” in chat. The dances you will get access to are: “/e bm” and “/e floss” (More to come!) + You will hear the emote theme music while you dance!

The Roblox animation system provides a certain smoothness and realism to the movement. Part of this system are emotess, which represent certain actions that Roblox avatars can perform. To see the default emoticons, press the “/” key to chat and enter the following command:

/e wavewaving hands
/e pointpoint of center call
/e cheercheer when you happy or win
/e laughsmile or laugh expression
/e dancehappy dance style 1
/e dance2 happy dance style 2
/e dance3 happy dance style 3

If you are familiar with the original emotes system, you can still use text input in in-game chat to activate emotes in your inventory, even if it is not actually installed on your avatar. Type / e followed by the name of the emotes you want to use, for example /e greeting.

Stay Tuned for More Emotes on East Brickton

It has just begun. We plan to continue to introduce new emotes to give players more opportunities to showcase their style. There are so many emotes to discover and more will be added in the future, so we’re excited to see players around the world trying them out and interacting with each other. Enjoy!

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